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On December 1st, I am going to be moving on from DeviantART. That means little to no posting anymore, no more interactions and just going to newer sites. I feel like this site is dying, and I think it's time for me to move on
I am still on:

(these are clickable and will direct you to my profiles)

 heck yeah!
This also includes flipnotes and art i posted here!

I wanna redraw some vintage art, and repost some of the old art i made on other accounts!
-> i got a tumblr <-

i'm gonna try to post more there too

my discord server! it's mainly an art server with a ton of art challenges, competitions and leisure

join if you wanna!
but don't forget what she did. if you want to see the posts on other sites:


I post a lot more frequently there, and i even post WIPS and ideas of my new artworks

Thanks if you do, I appreciate it! Join my server!

join me!!!
post your character refs here 👀 i wanna see em'
comment and i'll give you a colour pallet. you must draw something with just those colours (black and white are fine to use)
how would you all feel if I did some sort of contest?
there would be prizes, and stuff like that.

I have 2 ideas
a drawing contest and a design contest.

the drawing contest would be a contest to draw maybe a theme with one of my characters (or your own)
the design contest would be completely original. you'll have to design something completely new for yourself that has a theme i picked out.

give me some feedback about this

(the prizes would either be points, a drawn piece of art by me, or a keychain that i can make and ship to you)
get them quick!
how'd y'all feel if i unloaded all of my commissions in 1 day 
go to my profile page and type "H" for me in my comments section 

thanks if you do
So you might have seen a callout post float around about NeppyNeptune 

And I'd like to combat it, by showing people Neptunes rebuttal (warning: NSFW) (And the google DOC) as much as I can and my own two cents on the matter.

I believe Dylan (the accuser) was being manipulative towards Neptune (the accused). Dylan wanted Neptune sabotage his own well being for Dylan, and I believe that is NOT right for him to do. Neptune for the past several years has been combating his own struggles and reaching for his own goals, while having the weight of Dylan's behavior issues drag behind him. Is Neptune perfect? Of course not. But I believe Neptune wasn't emotionally abusive and was falsely accused of that.

The NSFW was obviously stylized and he put his own persona into it. Stating ages as well, saying they WERE legal (over the ages of 18) a few times in other pieces of work and the one in question. You can't just assume ages and then accuse them of drawing pedophilia just because they're small in size. The Vinny NSFW was quite questionable, and I really have no comment on that. 

Telling someone to forgive their abuser is in many levels of WRONG. They DON'T have to forgive an abuser if they choose. Pressuring them and saying you forgave your own is messed up, an that honestly made me angry to the point where I was shaking. If you want to forgive your abuser, that's fine. That's your own decision. But telling Neptune he isn't mature because he didn't forgive someone who emotionally hurt him is (I repeat) WRONG. 

If Neptune was uncomfortable by Dylan's presence because of his insecurities, age and several other reasons, Neptune has every right to cut off friendships for his own well-being. Dylan obviously lost someone who he looked up to because of his own issues, judging by his personality, art style and aesthetics. (Which is SO STRIKINGLY similar to Neptune's, I thought his account was Neptune's ALT) and decided to lash out instead of settling things maturely and wait things out to settle down.

If a friendship is making you exhausted and they're demanding more than what you can give out, you have EVERY right to terminate that friendship with them. Your well-being comes first because if you can't take care of yourself, you can't take care of the people around you. 

I hope you get a chance to read what both Neptune and Dylan have to say, and I hope you come up with your own conclusion. 

(PS. Neptune did not ask me to post this, I did this to my own accord. These are my own original thoughts and processes. If you want to talk things out about this journal, message me, not him. You can contact me on any of my active accounts.)
i've done it! i've finally updated the virtues and sins!
Seven Deadly Sins by PupomSeven Holy Virtues by Pupom
Seven deadly sins by PupomSeven holy virtues by Pupom

i think out of the two, the gdolls got the biggest changes. i'm VERY happy about that, but i was never satisfied with their old designs.
i made it so they actually look like they're parallels to their opposites and i've given them nicer pastel colours wile the gdolls get harsher, more vibrant colours

who is your favourite? does any of the new designs surprise you? i'd like to hear thoughts!
If you ever wanna follow my art progress, see how i'm doing or just chat with me, follow my twitter!

i post a lot of my W.I.Ps there (like my gDoll redraw) and talk about dumb stuff
it's been a long time since i got to draw the eDolls again

Seven Deadly Sins by Pupom
i'm really happy about it though. i MIGHT draw the virtues next 🤔

There's lots to do:

  • Drawing Challenges
  • Minecraft Server
  • Fun and games with a bot
  • Lots of people to meet and talk to